Archeologist Andrew Petersen

May 2010 Programme

Archeologist Andrew Petersen Research on an Islamic period settlement at Ras al-Shairig in Northern Qatar

Dr Andrew Petersen is Director of Research in Islamic Archaeology at the University of Wales Lampeter. He has carried out fieldwork in many parts of the Islamic world including Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, UAE and Qatar. His current research interests include Islamic urbanism, pilgrimage routes and fortifications. For the last two years he has been working on the archaeology of coastal settlement in northern Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar Museums Authority and the Qatar Islamic Archaeology and Heritage project.  He made a presentation to us last March about the excavations at the Islamic fort of Ruwaydha and earlier this year took us on a visit to that site. 


Research on an Islamic period settlement at Ras al-Shairig in Northern Qatar

Dr Peterson  will discuss the results of an intensive season of fieldwork at the Islamic site of Rubaigha located on the western side of the Ras al-Shairig peninsula, south of Zubara on the NW coast of Qatar.
   The site, which measures more than 300 metres north to south, includes a number of structures which have been identified as a fort, a mosque and at least three large courtyard houses as well as
  a number of smaller ancillary buildings. In addition to the structures there are a large number of burnt mounds or middens containing pottery glass, animal, bones and shell. Preliminary examination of pottery suggests that the settlement ceased to be occupied in the mid to late eighteenth century.
  Mapping of the site suggest two distinct areas of settlement:
  a southern area comprising the fort and adjacent structures and a northern area containing the mosque and the large courtyard houses.