November 2009 Rambles and Field Trips


November 2009 Schedule:

Friday, November 27: Fitness Ramble click here
Friday November 20: Ramble-AlThakhira Beach Walk, Al Khor area click here 
Friday, November 13: Desert Driving Safety and Etiquette click here
Friday, November 6: Desert Roses click here

A Message from the Rambles & Field Trips Coordinator:

     October started off wonderfully with a bevy of successful trips – thank you all for participating, and especially for sharing so many of your great photos! As soon as the website has been repaired, I hope to upload and includepictures, maps, & etc., but until then, I’ll have to make due with rather spare text!
     On account of the Eid al Adha falling on the last weekend of November, we have not designated any of the trips specifically as a ‘field trip’, but as you will see as you read the details, the first two excursions are ‘long rambles’ that individuals or groups may decide to extend into camping trips; I know I will do so at least once! Do not fret--the opportunity will arise.     Which reminds me - The December schedule is in the works, but we are still accepting suggestions for future trips! Please contact me with your ideas AND plans:

John D. Tribuna, QNHG Rambles & Field Trips Coordinator – send texts to 605.6762; no calls during business hours, and none after 9:00 PM.

And before I forget - if you have any ideas as to how we can improve our trips, please let me know – constructive criticism is always appreciated!!!

     Finally, you might, or hopefully will, notice that one of the trips this month is again on a Saturday; that was not how the schedule was originally as I expected. As the old Robert Burns poem, Ode to a Mouse, goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray”. Keep checking the website for just such changes, and we’ll do our best to keep you informed!