Ras Abrouq Ramble


Friday, December 4th: Ramble - Ras Abrouq,

west central coastal area


The Abrouq peninsula is a marvelously unique, secluded and beautiful area of Qatar dotted with gypsum plateaus, littered with fossils, and home to a few movie sets, gazelles and ostriches. In order to have a chance of seeing the wildlife on this trip, we are going to leave a bit earlier than usual, but you'll find the experience to be worth it!

We'll drive to various places, get out and explore - how long we stay will depend on what we feel like doing! This is a great place to go for a swim and for overnight camping!


What to Bring: 

Bring a pair of binoculars, as we might not be able to get very close to the gazelles, and with any luck we'll be able to see flamingos. As per usual, bring sun lotion, a hat, and water - lots of water - along with plenty of food. When we stop for lunch, we'll probably need to make our own shade, so take an umbrella or tarp along, too. 

We will be in primitive conditions, so bring along any toiletries you may need. The facilities at Umm Alafai Petrol Station are basic, but they will be the last ones we see before entering the desert.

Any books on the flora, fauna or geology of this part of the world will come in handy, as well.

Other Preparations/Concerns: We will be heading out into the desert and sabkha areas for this trip, so make sure your 4-wheel drive vehicle is in good running condition, that is, double-check equipment, top off the gas/petrol tank, and generally get ready to go the night before departure. We have a long trip ahead of us, so we won’t have time for casual stops along the way.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN: Do not expect that your children will be allowed in vehicles without the required safety seating. It is a car owner’s prerogative as to who rides in their car, and the conditions under which this occurs. If you want to guarantee a seat for your child, you must bring your own vehicle. 



You must have a 4-wheel drive (4X4) vehicle for this trip. No sedans or saloons. 

Date:  Friday, December 4th 2009

Rendezvous & Times:  Umm Alafai Petrol Station on the Dukhan Road

Meet at:    7:30 AM

Depart at: 8:00 AM


From the Umm Alafai Petrol Station [This is the one with the big, tent-like awnings that looks like Landmark Mall. It is just past Al Rayyan Sports Club stadium & the huge roundabout.], we will caravan almost exactly 51 km west on the Dukhan Road/expessway. We will leave the expressway at the Zekreet exit, just before Dukhan. At the top of the exit ramp, we will turn right at the roundabout an go straight for about one kilometer. We will stop and regroup at the first "Abrouq Nature Preserve" sign, which is at the top of the first rise on the right side of the road. From there we will continue up into the peninsula, going around Zekreet village.   

Price per Adult: Free

Price per Child (under 12 years old): Free

Organizer: John Tribuna, QNHG Rambles & Field Trips Coordinator – send texts to 605.6762; no calls during business hours, and none after 9:00 PM.