Friday, November 27th: Ramble – Fitness Ramble Doha City, Park behind Hyatt plaza

 Friday, November 27th: Ramble – Fitness Ramble, Doha City, Park behind Hyatt Plaza


Description: When not exploring the wilds of Qatar with QNHG or his dogs, Parag Parelkar works at Aspire where he applies his BS in Exercise and Sports Science, earned at the University of North Carolina.
     In keeping with the educational goals of QNHG, and being that rambling is a physical as well as enjoyably relaxing activity, in this 2.5 - 3 hour ramble we will focus on the health/physical aspects of rambling, as opposed to our usual focus on nature observation and exploration. Starting with a walking warm-up, we will discuss principles and techniques for us to use in order to reach our personal physical fitness goals. Our discussion will be free flowing and will spring from the following points:

  1. What constitutes exercise
  2. Single most important factor to consider while exercising
  3. Components of fitness
  4. How to improve on each of them
  5. What can be done effectively outdoors without equipment
  6. Why people drop out of exercise programs
  7. The real purpose of exercisingMotivation and adherence

What to Bring: Wear exercise clothes and a hat; bring water and exercise shoes.
Other Preparations/Concerns: None.
Restrictions: No heavy exercise is involved. If you have orthopedic ailments, you may attend, but please refrain from performing any ‘strenuous’ physical activities that are demonstrated.
Date:      Friday, November 27th 2009
Rendezvous & Times: Hyatt Plaza parking lot, under the big shopping cart; we will relocate to the park behind the plaza for this ramble.
                                   Meet at:       8:00 AM
                                   Depart at:    8:30 AM
Go to Hyatt Plaza on Al Waab Road, Doha.

Price per Adult: Free
Price per Child (under 12 years old): Free
Organizer: Parag Parelkar - please send texts to 559.5245; no calls during business hours, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.