November 2010 Rambles

November Schedule 2010

All QNHG Members are welcome!
As the season’s weather cools, we thought we’d start off our on-land adventures with a bit of an easy motor ramble, at least one that will allow us refuge from the heat!
The west coast of Qatar is a rather sparsely populated zone, except for the area around the town of Dukhan and a little around Umm Bab, so on our first weekend we’re off to see what we can find among the intermittent mesas and along the uplands of the Dukhan Shield. Over the Eid we won’t be having any trips, so we trip leaders will be scouting out other rambles, and getting ready for the overnight camping trip down southwest of Masra ‘at Turayna, or Turayna Farm, on the last weekend of the month.
As you read the trip description – and remember, it is your responsibility to read and know what is planned on the agenda - you may notice a new phrase, that is, “All QNHG Members are welcome.” This phrase grows out of a number of not-so-pleasant experiences trip leaders had last year when on a number of occasions non-members who accompanied us on trips refused to recognize the authority of the trip leaders, or simply did not behave in a way that reflected well on our group. Mostly this was just a minor irritant, but on more than one occasion a situation was created that had potentially life-threatening ramifications.
I never thought I’d rue the day that we did our job too well, but we often make these trips we lead look too easy.
We do extensive background work when exploring these ventures so our membership doesn’t have to. The downside to that is that we make it look like a walk in the park; it often isn’t. When a trip leader tells you to do something, or not do something, or refuses to provide GPS coordinates, etc. it’s not because he or she is being a control freak, it’s for your safety AND the welfare of the group. They mean no insult, but the leader may not have time to explain him/herself at that moment. Respect the decision and wait to discuss the situation with them politely at the appropriate time.
If you feel you cannot abide by these conditions, then please rethink your participation in these QNHG trips.
We organize our escapades voluntarily out of our love for the outdoors and our wish to share the experience; we do not wish to have someone’s injury, or even death, on our conscience.
That being said, non-QNHG Members are welcome as guests on our trips, as long as they are accompanied by members – and remember, members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Those new to Qatar are also welcome, just check-in with the trip leader so you can be listed as his or her guest for the trip and sign a waiver. If guests enjoy our adventures, then we’ll simply ask them to officially join our group after a trip or two so that they can help support our expenses through our modest membership fee.
Please let me know if you feel any of this is unreasonable – constructive feedback is always welcome!
On a final note, new membership cards should soon be available for those that signed up during our last lecture at DESS, so with any luck we’ll be able to begin distributing these on our first November ramble. We should also have our new “Keep Qatar Clean” membership stickers ready soon, too – I’m looking forward to their bright colors helping us cut down on our post-it dependence!
Exciting, fun & safe travels,

John Tribuna

QNHG Rambles & Field Trips Coordinator


October 30th DhowBirding Trip - Scroll down below the November trips.


Friday – Saturday November 26th & 27th , 2010

Camp in the Deep South of Qatar

Jaow Hashemiyah (Acacia Camp) 
Click here for the schedule, details, and restrictions.