December 2010 Rambles

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December Schedule 2010

December Overview: 

Friday, Dec. 3rd: Desert Driving & Safety 4X4 Ramble, Part I

Friday, Dec. 17th: Dunes Camp out - TBA  

Friday, December 3rd Desert Driving & Safety 4X4 Ramble

Part I: The Singing Dunes


All QNHG Members are welcome. This Four-Wheel Drive, off-road ramble will be a repeat of last year’s popular workshop on how to safely prepare, plan, initiate and carry out a trip in any one of the desert environments we find here in Qatar. The emphasis will be on being responsible for your own safety & NOT depending on the kindness of strangers.

·      Part I will cover the basic skills and equipment one needs for such a venture, and it will be pragmatically dirty. This will be a very physical ramble with participants getting hands on experience, digging out vehicles, attaching tow ropes and generally getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of their own particular cars – including how they and other, different vehicles handle in the sands or on rockier terrain. Participants will need to wear appropriate, rugged outdoors clothing. For safety reasons, the number of participating 4X4 vehicles will be limited to 20, but since we will be meeting at the abandoned farm on the north side of the Singing Dunes formation, others may wish to accompany and watch. This will be a longer ramble, finishing up at around 3:00 PM.

o   Register for this trip by texting John Tribuna at the number listed below. Make sure you include your membership number as well as the make & model of your 4-wheel drive vehicle. Include your E-mail address, too, so we can get an idea of what cars will be participating and also send you pre-reading materials.

·      Part II will be a more advanced, full day excursion following up on Part I; Part I will be the prerequisite for participation. This ramble will take place in January or February at a location deep in the sands, yet to be announced.

What to Bring:

As with all of our trips, you will need to bring food for snacks and lunch. If you take medications, bring enough to last for at least an extra day beyond what you expect. Also, make sure you have everything you need to be out in the desert, such as appropriate shoes, but especially plenty of water and sun lotion. The rains have arrived a little early this year, so you may want to include some rain gear, too. As toilet facilities will be non-existent, make sure to bring a spade to dig a hole and cigarette lighter to burn your toilette paper.

If you have the appropriate off-road equipment, you should bring it. If you do not, bring as much as you can from this list:

    ·     jumper cables

·     tow/spring rope

·     rated shackles

·     two-cylinder air pump

·     shovel/spade

·     1st Aid Kit

·     cell phone

·     sun shelters/shade

·     GPS device

·     maps

If you do not have all of this equipment, that is okay. We will discuss what is proper and what is not, as well as where quality equipment can be acquired locally.

Other Preparations/Concerns:

A Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle Is Mandatory. The terrain will be challenging, so you must make sure that your four-wheel drive vehicle is in good running condition. Double-check equipment, top off the gas/petrol tank, and generally get ready to go at least the night before departure. There will be no petrol available after the rendezvous. You must be fully ready to depart on time.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN: Do not expect that your children will be allowed in vehicles without the required safety seating. It is a car owner’s prerogative as to who rides in their car, and the conditions under which this occurs. If you want to guarantee a seat for your child, you must bring your own vehicle.

Rendezvous Date & Time:

Place:                 Hyatt Plaza, under the large shopping cart

Date:                  Friday 3rd December
Meet:                  0830
Depart:               0900
Return:               Same day, mid afternoon


·     In Doha we will rendezvous at the Hyatt Plaza parking lot under the large shopping cart.

·      PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY in that we plan on handing out membership cards and distributing our new QNHG membership stickers to those who signed up for them at our last DESS lecture.

·     From Hyatt Plaza, we will travel in small groups down to the Singing Dunes.

Price per Participant: Free

Organizer(s): John Tribuna, QNHG Rambles & Trips Coordinator

Phone: Cell: 6605.6762 – Please text. No calls during business hours or after 9:00 PM.

 Friday, December 17th Dune Camping

Details TBA