2008-11-07: Camel Race Track

Trip Report: The Camel Race Track

From Nadeera Rangika: Thanks a lot for the lovely ramble on Friday. Never seen so many camels in my life! At least, not outnumbering humans! Cheers to Joanne for a lovely trip!

I managed to steal some photos of the cheese sandwiches being made. And a couple of us stayed on and went further down the road and found out that there was some kind of camel competition (Miss Camel 2008?) going on. Word is we missed the bikini session by just a couple of minutes! The winner's photo is attached here.

Race Track Race Track
Miss Camel 2008 The Cheese Sandwich

From David Mundie: What to say? The weather was splendid, the company effervescent, and the camels were out in force. Joanne did a great job of herding us around the track, and has learned a lot of camel lore in a short amount of time.

Best of all, it looks as though the official QNHG Rambling Photography Policy, which I single-handedly issued during the first ramble, is taking hold: Tracy Kett has sent me her photos, some of which are reproduced below. The complete set can be seen on her Camel Track Photo Album. Unless others begin sending their photos in, Tracy will win the 2008 Rambling Photography Contest by default!

Race Track Race Track Race Track
Mr. Leggy The Coordinator Explains the Fine
Points of Camel Racing Strategy
An Exciting Finish
Race Track Race Track Race Track
The Viewing Stands Camels, Camels, Camels Tracy Makes a Friend

Ramble 2008-11-07: Camel Race Track


Date: 2008-11-07

Time: 07:30 (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE - was 09:00).

Venue: Camel Race Track in Shahaneeya.

Leader: Joanne Divine (mobile: 528-5334)

Ramble Time: Two hours. There are two options: (a) just walk around the stands watching the camels train; or (b) walk the entire length of the track. In either case it’s flat, easy walking. You should be back in Doha by 11:30 or 12.

What to expect: Camels, in great quantity, training on the track; camels wearing colorful blankets and popsicle colored muzzles driven by colorfully dressed Somali trainers; camel trainers may break out in song. Wheatears and Larks around the track for birders, so bring binculars.

Meeting Place: Drive out Al Luqta Road past Education City and keep going toward Dukhan. It is about 9 kms to the gas station, first gas station on the right. Can't miss it - huge white tent-like roof covering a petro station. We will meet at the petro station and then drive to the Camel Track (9 kms). People can car pool from the petro station or drive themselves. Ample parking at the Camel Race Track.

Vehicles: Highway driving; 4x4s not necessary. Suggestion: car pooling from meeting place.

Requirements: Food, water, hat, sun cream and general solar protection. Cameras and binoculars optional.

FAQ: Is there anything to do afterwards? If you have the time, you might wish to look in the camel supply shops near the track. There is a small local tea shop in the shop area; its cheese sandwiches are recommended. It is also interesting to drive around the village where the people live, although the roads are not paved. It is easy to find your way back to Doha on your own.

Are tours of the stables available? When the race track was contacted, they mentioned that someone would be there if we wished a tour. A follow-up phone call will be placed to obtain the name of 'someone'.

Rules: Do not bring your pets. Children must be under control of parents. Conservative dress, please.