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Archaeology Mission Archeologique francaise A Qatar vol 1, 1976-77, 1977-78 Jaques Tixier CNRS Recherches Anthropologiques, France
Archaeology Mission Archeologique francaise A Qatar vol 2 - Prehistoire A Qatar Jaques Tixier CNRS Recherches Anthropologiques, France
Archaeology Glob og Paradisets Have (Glob and the Garden of Eden) The Danish expeditions to the Arabian Gulf Moesgard Museum 1999
Archaeology Qatar - Reports of the Danish Archeological Expedition to the Arabian Gulf - Volume 1 Jutland Arch. Soc. Publications
Archaeology Atlas of the Stone-Age Cultures of Qatar Holger Kapel Vol VI 1967
Archaeology Filling in the Blanks - Recent Archaeological Discoveries In Abu Dhabi Peter Hellyer Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 860630243
Archaeology Sulphur, Camels and Gunpowder - The Sulphur Mines at Jebel Dhanna, Abu Dhabi, UAE Edited by G. R. D. King ADCO ISBN 190456643 X
Archaeology Lost Worlds Errol Fuller Nat Council for Culture, Arts & Heritage, Doha ISBN 9992158298
Archaeology Archaeology of the United Arab Emirates: Proceedings of the First Int. Conf. on the Archaeology of the UAE Editors: Daniel Potts, Hasan Al Naboodah, Peter Hellyer Trident press Ltd ISBN 190072488 X
Archaeology Khor Ile-Sud, Qatar: The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Purple Dye Production in the Arabian Gulf Christopher Edens
Archaeology QNHG -A Study of Some Bedouin Rock Carvings in South West Qatar Clare Gillespie
Archaeology Emirates Archaelogical Heritage Shirley Kay
Botany Annotated Check-list for Plants in the U.A.E. M. Jongebloed, R. A Western, B. Boer Zodiac Publishing, Dubai
Botany Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Jordan and Neighbouring Countries (photographic guide) Dawud M. H. Al-Eisawi Jordan ""Al Rai""
Botany Mesaieed Nursery (photgraphic plant guide) Mesaieed Industrial City
Botany Wild Flowers of Northern Oman Dorothy Bovey Bartholomew Books, London
Botany Ecology and Flora of Qatar K. H. Batabouny University of Qatar
Botany Pollen Flora of Qatar G. A. El-Ghazaly SARC, University of Qatar, Doha ISBN 8770012156
Ecology QNHG field survey Al Jarr Umm Tuwain, Southern Qatar - Flora & Fauna 1998
Botany Quranic Botanic Gardens Project - Proposal to establish a network of botanic gardens in the Arab Region Guido Licciardi et al UNESCO
Ecology / Botany Sabkha Ecosystems Vol 1: The Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Countries. Tasks for Vegetation Science - 36 Edited by Hans-Jorg barth & Benno Boer Kluwer Academic |Publishers ISBN 1402005040
Ecology / Botany Sabkha Ecosystems Volumme II: West and Central Asia. Tasks for Vegetation Science - 42 Edited by M. Ajmal Khan et al Springer ISBN 1402050712
Ecology / Botany Ecosystems, Anthropogenic Impacts and Habitat management Techniques in Abu Dhabi Benno Boer Paderborner Geographische Studien 1999
Ecology Policy Perspectives for ecosystem and Water Management in the Arabian Peninsula Editors: Kamel Mostafa Amer et al United Nations University ISBN 9280860011
General The Green Guide to The Emirates - an environmentally friendly guide to little-known places of beauty and interest Marycke Jongbloed Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544324
General Natural Emirates - Wildlife and Environment of the UAE Editors: Dr. Peter J. Vine & Ibrahim Al Abed Trident Press ISBN 1900724022
General Land of the Emirates Shirley Kay Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544618
General B is For BEDU, an illustrated alphabet book Fay Gabriel, Lynn Jones, Lois Cardona, Linda Horan Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1860631037
General Sketchbook Arabia Margaret Henderson Motivate Publishing
General Qatar and the Islamic World - Environmental Facts and Information Sulaiman Mosleh Abu Azab, Dr. Saif Ali Al-Hajari, Abdul Ghaffar A. Abosennah Centre of Environment Friends
General Discovering Qatar Frances Gillespie Creative Writing & Photography, France ISBN 9992170328
General Gulf Landscapes Elizabeth Collas and Andrew Taylor Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544340
General Folk Building in Qatar Mohammed Jassim Al-Khulaifi
General The Neglected Garden Keith McLachlan
 Pearls (coinciding with exhibition at Museum of Islamic Art, Doha - January to June 2010)
 Hubert Bari and David Lam
 Qatar Museums Authority
Diamonds (coinciding with exhibition at French Museum national d'historie naturelle - 2001)
Hubert Bari and Violaine Sautter
Museum National d'Historie Naturelle, Paris
 ISBN 2876603292
 Beyond Boundaries: Islamic Art Across Cultures
 Dr Oliver Watson
 Qatar Museums Authority
 ISBN 9992161094
 Jewelled Treasures from the Mughal Courts
 Leng Tan
Qatar National Council for Culture, Arts & Heritage
 ISBN 095420560X
Garments and Gold: Qatari Costume and Jewellery
Najla Ismail al-Izzi al-Wahabi
Qatar National Council for Culture, Arts & Heritage
 ISBN 0954444531
General Walia - Journal of the Ethiopian Wildlife & Natural History Society - No 21 2000
General Tribulus - Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group - Vol 13.1 Spring/Summer 2003
General Tribulus - Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group - Vol 12.2 Autumn/Winter 2002
General Tribulus - Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group - Vol 12.1 Spring/Summer 2002
General Tribulus - Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group - Vol 11.2 Autumn/Winter 2001
General Tribulus - Journal of the Emirates Natural History Group - Vol 11.1 Spring/Summer 2001
General The Qatari Society from Diving to Urbanisation Dr Kaithum Ali Al Ghanim
General The Living Desert Marycke Jongbloed Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1 873544 02 2
General Field Guide to the Geology of Oman Samir S Hanna The Historical Society of Oman
History Regards Michele Barrault Editions Michel Hetier ISBN 2908547260
History Healing Hands of Qatar Fay Gotting Dar Al Sharq Press, Qatar ISBN 9992165642
History The UAE Formative Years 1965 - 75 A collection of Historical Photographs Ramesh Shukla Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544707
History Traditional Architecture in Qatar Mohammed Jassim Al Kholaifi
History Qatar, A Strong New Bridge Paul Tempest The Teapot Press, London
Along The Gulf: Photographs by Hermann Burchardt
Annegret Nippa & Peter Herbstreuth
ISBN 389930070X
Mammals Mammals of the Arabian Gulf - The Natural History of the Arabian Gulf David L. Harrison George Allen & Unwin, London ISBN 004599007
Marine Snorkelling & Diving in Oman Rod Salm & Robert Baldwin Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544545
Marine Beachcombers' Guide to the Gulf Tony Woodward Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 187354443 X
Marine Qatar and the Sea Ibrahim Fouad Ahmed Dept of Museums and Antiquities, Qatar
Marine The Living Seas - Marine Life of the Southern Gulf Francis Dipper and Tony Woodward Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544103
Marine Seashells of Southern Arabia (photographic guide) Arabian Heritage Series Donald and Eloise Bosch Motivate Publishing UAE
Marine Shells of the Qatari Shores Carrie DuPont & Adel Ghaith Al Tamimi Qatar (www.qatarseashells.com) ISBN 999216843-9
Marine Laminated Identification Cards: Eastern Arabian Seashells
Marine Laminated Identification Cards: South Arabian Fishes
Marine Laminated Identification Cards: Fishes of the Souk
Marine Development Plan Marine & Coastal Environment Database for Bahrain Perry, R., S. Britsch & J. Zainal Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research
Marine Managing Conflicts over Resources & Values - Continental Coasts. Coastal region & small island papers no. 12 UNESCO
Marine CORAL in the Southeastern Arabian Gulf Dolphin Eneergy, Emirates Wildlife Society and World Wildlife Fund for Nature Dolphin Energy, Abu Dhabi, UAE (in set - 1x English + 1xArabic)
Ornithology Birds of Qatar, a photographic guide (Arabic) Scientific Atlas of Qatar
Ornithology The Birds of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ian J Andrews ISBN 0952497808
Ornithology Birds of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Shri Lanka - a photographic guide Bikram Grewal Guidebook Company Ltd ISBN 962217311 X
Ornithology Ospreys Roy Dennis Colin Baxter Photography Ltd, Scotland ISBN 0948661194
Ornithology Falcons (Arabic) Scientific Atlas of Qatar
Ornithology The Birds of the Rub Al Khali Periphery: Results of 6 ornithological surveys to S. Arabia, Oman, Yemen & UAE6/04/2009 March 1995 - July 1997 - Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia Surveys no. 17-22 Michael C. Jennings www.dspace.dial.pipex.com/arabian.birds/
The Phoenix - Number 26, January 2010
 Michael C Jennings (editor)
 Copy 1
The Phoenix - Number 26, January 2010
 Michael C Jennings (editor)
 Copy 2
Ornithology The Phoenix - Number 25, January 2009 NCWCD
Ornithology The Phoenix - Number 24, January 2008 NCWCD
Ornithology The Phoenix - Number 22, January 2006 NCWCD
Ornithology The Phoenix - Number 19, January 2003 NCWCD
Ornithology Birds of the Middle East R. F. Porter, S. Christensen and P. Schiermacker-Hansen Princeton Field Guides ISBN 0691121044
Ornithology Falconry and Birds of Prey in the Gulf David Remple and Christian Gross Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 1873544391
Ornithology A Birdwatcher's Guide to Qatar Christine Oldfield and John Oldfield Dar Al Sharq Printing Press, Doha, Qatar
Ornithology Birds of Britain and Europe AA Publishing, United Kingdom
Ornithology Birdwatching Guide to Oman Dave Sargeant, Hanne Eriksen & Jens Eriksen Al Roya Publishing
Ornithology Common Birds in Oman Hanne & Jens Eriksen Al Roya Publishing
 Oman Bird List (Edition 6)
Jens Eriksen, Dave E. Sargeant & Reginald Victor
Centre for Environmental Studies and Research - Sultan Qaboos University
Herpetology Snakes of Arabia - A Field Guide to the Snakes of the Arabian Peninsula and its Shores Damien Egan Motivate Publishing UAE ISBN 9781860632396
Herpetology Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman Michael Gallagher Michael Gallagher, Muscat