Camping Trip - Deep South of Qatar

Friday – Saturday November 26th & 27th, 2010
Camp in Deep South


Jaow Hashemiyah ( Acacia Camp)


All QNHG Members are Welcome. The journey to this camp will take us down through Turayna Farms then on to Qusaira, an old rain water cistern. We will then travel on tracks to the camp at Jaow Hashemiyah which we refer to as “Acacia Camp”. We will make a lunch stop near Turayna Farm, arriving at camp by mid afternoon.


Folk will have time in the afternoon to set up camp and explore the area at their leisure as there are some great outcrops to walk over and many fossils to be observed. It is a great area to enjoy the desert in. The camp area is spectacular, sheltered, surrounded by steep embankments with a floor dotted with acacia trees and many small plants. There is also a chance to see some of the desert creatures.

On Saturday morning we will depart camp at 09:00  and drive the 4km to nearby Jaow Hamrya (Shark’s Teeth Valley) where we will spend an hour or so exploring, hunting for the sharks’ teeth and echinoderm spines. We will then head over to the western end of the Inland Sea where we hopefully will be able to view the flamingoes which are frequently present there.  After that, we will be driving back toward Doha along the track to Turayana Farm.  
What to Bring:

The usual camping gear for your family plus plenty of water, your own toiletries and a spade to dig a hole! Please bring a cigarette lighter to burn your toilet paper. You will need food for lunch, dinner and breakfast and lunch for the second day. Make sure you bring a torch (flashlight), have good walking shoes, a water bottle and sunblock. At this time of the year it can get quite cool in the desert at night so be prepared.  The rains have started, so bring rain gear.   If you are on medication, bring an extra day's dose, just in case.

Please try to gather up some wood so we can build a communal campfire. Just a few off cuts from you local building sites will be sufficient. Get a cheap saw and cut them so they fit in your car. There is just a small amount of dead wood in this part of the desert.

Remember  ~ FIREWOOD!

  • Those participating in the Camp must be Qatar Natural History Group Members.
  • Cars must display the QNHG Car Sticker and the driver must have a membership card or receipt for his/her Membership.
  • This is an overnight camping trip. It is not suitable for a day trip. If you chose to participate then you make a choice to stay with the group. Please do not ask for instructions to return early as these will not be given to you in the interests of safety.  This part of the desert especially is not safe for people who do not know their way and are travelling on their own.

  • 4 Wheel Drive
    Vehicle is Mandatory. If you wish to come and do not have a four wheel drive you must pre arrange a ride and organize to either meet your ride at the rendezvous and leave your car there or arrange a suitable place in

    . Remember space is limited for vehicles loaded with camping gear. Also, for families out for the weekend, this is their precious family time. For others, this is often the only break they get from exhausting schedules and do not necessarily want strangers to join them in the car for the whole weekend.

o   In short, do not show up at the rendezvous and simply expect to be able to hop in a car for a camping trip – make prior arrangements!

Other Preparations/Concerns:

We will be traveling over some fairly rough rocky tracks. The terrain will be handled by most medium to large size SUVs, but not all vehicles will be capable of this journey. A Honda CRV, for example, would not be suitable because of its clearance. If you have any questions about whether your vehicle is suitable for this trip, contact the trip organizers BEFORE the morning of departure.

Ensure you have a good spare tyre at correct pressure in case of a puncture. Make sure that your 4-wheel drive vehicle is in good running condition. Double-check equipment, top off the gas/petrol tank, and generally get ready to go at least the night before departure. There will be no petrol available after the rendezvous. You must be fully ready to depart on time.
A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN: Do not expect that your children will be allowed in vehicles without the required safety seating. It is a car owner’s prerogative as to who rides in their car, and the conditions under which this occurs. If you want to guarantee a seat for your child, you must bring your own vehicle.
Rendezvous & Times:

Place:                  Al Wakrah vacant lot

Date:                  26th-27th November

Time:                  Meeting 11:00 Friday 26th November

Depart:               11:30 Friday 26th

Return:               Saturday 27th early afternoon


From Doha,
drive through to  Al Wakrah. You will pass the Airport Petrol Station on your right.  As you reach Al Wakrah

At 1st Roundabout after the petrol station go straight.

At 2nd Roundabout, Scallop Shell Roundabout, turn right.

At 3rd Roundabout go straight. After 20 metres turn onto the left  onto an unpaved area. We have a dark Red Pagero so look out for us. Shops border this area, (Beauty Salon), so cars can be left here.

Price per Participant: Free

Organizer(s): Mike and Bronwyn Donaldson


Phone: 3318.7652 - No calls after 9:00 pm